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We provide remote video editing services & sophisticated solutions to content creation. Let us help you show what you do & what makes you great.

Benefits & Advantages

Our Services

Produce Original Content

We work with you remotely to produce new video content from scratch for website & social media use.

Revamp Existing Content

This is where we shine & where you get the biggest benefit. You send us existing content & we reinvigorate it through our creative process. If you don’t have existing content, we can show you easy ways to create it.

Deploy & Promote Content

Once you have video content, you need to deploy & promote it – we can help.

About The Agency

We produce video for the legal community

Whether you’re with a firm and you want to promote your lawyers or you’re law-adjacent and want to market to the legal community, we’re here to help.

Making video can be a lot of work. It involves sourcing, setting up, and training on how to use a variety of software and equipment. Producing content and keeping up with posting on social media is a huge job.

We get law. We get video. Do what makes you great and leave the video to us.

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Our Podcast

Law & Video

Episode #1
Maddy Martin –
Episode #2
Vik Rajan – Videosocials
Inspiration & Creation

Our Approach

Consider the following two roads:

Create Completely New Content

When we work with you to produce something new, we provide the support that you need to go from initial concept to final product.

This is ideal for website landing pages and training materials.

Creatively Reuse Existing Content

When we work with you to reuse existing content, we help you make the process as easy as possible.

This is ideal for promotional and social media content.


What Colleagues Say About Us

Our Process

We create video to capture attention & interest​

Video is a powerful way to achieve many goals including promoting a firm and its lawyers, informing prospective clients about offerings, and training staff and clients on how to carry out specific processes. No matter your goal, we get it and we’re here to help.

Deposit & Discovery Call

To start, we take a one-time non-refundable deposit of $199 towards your project and book a call to discuss your needs. On the call, we will determine which of our packages suits your needs. Determining factors may include video length, amount of content you provide, complexity of editing, need for effects and filters, etc. We can help you make a new video or revamp existing content. For maximum returns, consider easy ways to make content, for example, by turning a lunch & learn into a promo video or turning an audio-only podcast into a video podcast.

Get Deliverables & Start Work

After determining the scope and vision for your video, we receive your raw video and audio as well as any other content you may have: headshots, logos, fonts, etc. If you have any specific instructions, let us know, otherwise, we use our best judgement – fortunately, we have great judgement. No need to provide graphics, music, or sound effects. That’s our department. Once we have everything we need, we start work. We aim to provide an initial draft within a few business days.

Video Delivery & Deployment

Once the video is complete, we share a draft with you. Depending on your package, we make revisions and, if necessary, advise on deployment: posting on website, sharing on social media, etc.

Why is it important to use video?

People don’t read as much as they used to and attention spans are dwindling – Say it with video to increase the likelihood of your message being received.

Recipe for Success


Step 1

Deposit & Discovery Call

You pay a deposit & schedule a discovery call to discuss your project & particulars

Step 2

Deliverables & Editing

You provide us with raw video & any other assets so that we can start editing

Step 3

Review & Revisions

We provide a draft for your review & make requested revisions

Step 4

Final Payment & Product

You pay any remaining amounts & we provide the final product

What's the story?

Our Name & Mascot

Our Name

Vested, adj. Having become a completed, consummated right for present or future enjoyment.

– Black’s Legal Dictionary, 8th Edition

Video, noun. A recording of moving visual images made digitally or on videotape.

– Google Dictionary

At Vested Video, we help colleagues make moving visual images and trust that they will enjoy them and the rights to use them in the present and future to come.

Our Mascot

Victor is the Vested Video Vampire bat. Mascots are fun and intriguing so we wanted to have one. Like us, Victor has heightened senses and a keen eye for video and style (which is why he wears a monocle and vest).

Check out our pricing & let's start work today

We know how important it is to make a great impression & we’re here to produce your video the right way

What do we need from you?

Just a few deliverables

Depending on your project, we may need very little to get started. We typically ask that you provide whatever digital assets you already have, to make the process as simple as possible: logos, headshots, stingers, fonts, branding/color guidelines – if you have them. If you’re just getting started, we can assist with producing these.

If you want to produce content that includes you as a speaker, we need you to record the best video and audio that you can, even if it means using your smartphone or computer webcam. If you need someone to shoot it for you, we can help you arrange for a videographer to visit you to record the best video and audio possible and then we’ll take it from there.

Easy Ways to Start

You don’t need to buy expensive cameras, microphones, recorders, lights, backdrops, and everything else that you would find in a professional studio. Video call quality is good enough and we can clean it up and improve it: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, FaceTime, Cisco, Etc. 

Simple Ideas

Don’t start from scratch. Use content you already have. Turn unscripted company meetings or lunch & learns into YouTube videos. Turn existing audio-only podcasts into video podcasts. Turn calls with colleagues into a video podcast series.

Training Walkthroughs

If you’re saying the same things over and over again to clients and staff or if you need to say something that’s easier to convey visually, make a video, say it once, and enjoy the time savings.

We're compatible with
Solve Social Media

Video performs better than other types of online content and can easily be turned into typed content for blog posts and newsletters. This is a simple solution to the content creation conundrum.

Keep Current & Competitive

Video isn’t exactly new (it killed the radio star in 1980) but in recent years, there’s been a significant increase in the use of online video content. Things have moved online and to video in the blink of an eye. Keep up by investing in video.

Capture Attention of Clients

The easiest and most reliable method of capturing people’s attention is to do it with video. Think about your own experience. What makes a bigger impact on you, reading text or watching a video?

Ready to start?

Check out our pricing & see how we can help

Our Portfolio

The types of video that are used in the legal industry

No matter what kind of video you need, we have you covered. We specialize in making high-quality and economical video content.

Matter 365

The Modern Law Firm – Episode #1

Law & Video Podcast
Episode #2 – Vik Rajan – Videosocials
Cloud Solution For Lawyers
OneNote Seminar – Matter 365
The Modern Law Firm
Episode #1 – The Business of Law – Matter 365
Law & Video Podcast
Episode #1 – Maddy Martin –
David Ibbetson
Last Wish Video
Senior Momentum Podcast
Episode #1 – Roy Summerhayes – Seniors 101
Review Video
Fujitsu ScanSnap iX16000 Review – Sean Dillman
Legal Tech Training
Welcome Video – Waythorn

Original Content

These videos are great for introducing yourself, your company, or your services.

Revamped Content

These videos are great if you already have existing content and want to revamp it for use on your website, social media, or both.

Audio Podcast To Video Podcast

These videos are great if you already have an audio-only podcast and want to turn it into a video podcast. By making this transformation, you can get even more value out of your existing content.


The best way to convey information is to show it and explain as you go. This can help you explain a process to a client or train your staff. Instead of saying the same things over and over again, make a video, say it once, and add it to your arsenal.

Original Video Podcast

If you want to start a podcast and need help with getting started and editing, we are here and ready to walk you through the process. The easiest way to start a podcast is to simply schedule and record video calls (with the knowledge and consent of everyone appearing) and go from there.

Working on a budget?

No problem. You can do a lot by pairing economical shooting with our great editing services.

Our Professionals

Meet Our Team

Sean Dillman, B.A. (Hons.), J.D.


Sean is an experienced lawyer and videographer. He has great taste, produces quality work quickly, and personally oversees all of the work that goes out the door.

Chantal Brajkovic, B.A.

Social Media

Chantal keeps us current on social media, what’s trending, and what the cool kids are up to (she’s one of them).

Ashley Hubbard

Marketing & Design

Ashley is a talented graphic media designer whose work includes producing creative and design elements.

Is This You?

Future Position

Get in touch if you’re interested in working with us. We’re always looking for talented people to join our dynamic team.

Ready to start?

Check out our pricing & see how we can help

A little more about our founder

Hi! My Name Is Sean Dillman. Thank You For Visiting Vested Video.

I have been working at the intersection of law and online marketing ever since I was called to the bar. Video has been around for a long time but it’s only been recently that the legal industry started to undergo a shift which has made using video a standard practice.

For me, Vested Video is my platform to bring together my diverse backgrounds and help the legal community flourish with video. For you, Vested Video is an opportunity to work with an experienced colleague who ‘gets it’. The goal is to help you take things to the next level and make professional videos, without needing to be professional ‘at video’.

Let’s have a chat sometime and discuss making some great video content. I look forward to hearing from you.


Solutions to suit various needs & budgets
(because not every video needs the budget of a Hollywood movie)
For Occassional Video Needs

Single Prices

We’ll determine which level best suits your needs on our discovery call

Basic Video

Great for your basic video needs




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Standard Video

Great for industry standard needs




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Complex Video

Great for high-end video needs




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For Reoccurring Video Needs

Subscription Prices

Subscription Pricing requires one year minimum commitment

Social Media




*Subscription Pricing requires one year minimum commitment. Each additional video per month is $99 (up to 4 per month).

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Social Media Standard




*Subscription Pricing requires one year minimum commitment. Each additional video per month is $149 (up to 4 per month).

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Social Media Prominent




*Subscription Pricing requires one year minimum commitment. Each additional video per month is $199 (up to 4 per month).

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For Whatever Else Comes Up

Additional Prices





Guidance on how to’s such as:

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For more sophisticated work such as:

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In emergency situations, we can complete your project on a rush basis.

Have questions?

Check our FAQ first

What would you like to know?

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common questions that we are asked. If you have any other questions, just let us know.

The term “raw video” (also known as raw footage source footage or source video), refers to the unprocessed output of a video recording. It is the crude data from the camera or capture device. The footage is as it was recorded and retains its original details, colors, lighting and audio (assuming that audio wasn’t recorded on a separate device). To do our work, we need some sort of raw video, audio, or both from you.

A subtitle file is a text file made up of three parts, a sequential number for each subtitle, the start and end timecodes for each subtitle, and the subtitle text which matches what is being said in the video while the subtitle is being displayed. Subtitles are important because they allow viewers to read what the speaker is saying instead of hearing it. This can be useful for people who cannot hear or have hearing problems, people who are non-native English speakers and read English better than they hear it, and people who wish to watch content on mute and simply read subtitles. In addition to being important for reasons of inclusivity, subtitles also play an important role in ensuring that your video is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly and will rank well in social media and appear in searches. We help with producing subtitles because we know how important they are.

The term “video thumbnail” means a single image that is the preview image for your video. It’s like the cover of a magazine. You need a thumbnail for your video to give people an idea of what your video is like and entice them to watch it. Ideally, if they like what they see, they’ll keep watching the video to completion.

Video is a powerful way to communicate information and is now the standard for online content. You should have video so that you can introduce yourself to clients, win them over, and show what you do and why you’re great. Once you have video content, you can embed it on your website or post it on social media including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, or whatever platforms you are using as part of your marketing efforts. Once online, video content will provide value for the lifetime of your business.

How often you post video content is up to you and should be consistent with your marketing goals and strategies. However, whatever frequency you choose, we suggest that you be consistent. Posting consistently is generally the best way to build a strong presence, demonstrate that you’re a reliable source, and increase the likelihood that people will view and share your content.

No. We provide remote editing services and leave the shooting up to you. If you want our advice, we are happy to advise on how to record video and audio, arrange sets and backdrops, light scenes and compose shots, use green screens, and draft and perform scripts.

Before we start work on any video, we ensure that we have directions from you or our own vision for the video, if you wish to leave it in our hands. Once we produce an initial version of a video, we share it with you and if you require any changes, we’ll make them. How many rounds of revisions will depend on the package that you’re on. When people ask us nicely, and assuming that the requested changes are minor, we have been known to throw in an extra round of revisions on the house. We’re reasonable people and we want your video to look great.

Except for subscription clients, payments are due before final versions of videos are released.

For first-time clients, we take a one-time, non-refundable deposit of $199, which we need to receive before we can book a discovery call to discuss the particular details of your video project and desired outcome. If you pay a deposit but don’t proceed with a project, you can put it towards our consultant or custom services (as described in our pricing tables). We accept payment by credit card through Stripe. We can also accept payment by check and e-transfer on request.

Determining project scope depends on various factors which may include how long the video will be, how much raw video you will be providing, how complex the editing work will be, and how many effects and filters will be needed. Before we begin work, we will use our judgment and experience to provide an estimate as to whether we anticipate that the scope of your project will be basic, standard or complex.

Raw video files can be very large and usually can’t be sent by email (they typically exceed attachment limits). Fortunately, there are many other options available such as by sharing them through online services such as Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox, YouTube, Vimeo, HighTail (formerly YouSendIt), WeSend, WeTransfer, and many others.

Our prices are listed in US Dollars.

Yes. Please contact us if you have any more questions by using our website contact form or by booking a free 15 minute call.

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